West London and Rye, East Sussex

Bio: I am a garden designer providing garden design services in West London and East Sussex. I specialise in planting plans and design gardens which display all year round interest

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2 thoughts on “About

  1. Michael, I enjoyed reading about your garden and planting choices. I have many of the plants you discussed, so could visualise them. This made me question whether this would be the case for every reader and I wondered if you should insert pictures as you go. It would also be a lovely record of your garden from small saplings to magnificent specimens.

    I now feel the urge to get in to my garden – inspiring! I look forward to reading more. Carey


    • Hey Carey, i’m glad you liked it and happy we share an enthusiasm for the same plants. I do intend to post pics of my plants, but I’m still learning all this online ‘stuff’ and will get to grips with it properly soon. In the meantime, there’s Crocus tommasinianus


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